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October 11th, 2002

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12:42 am - poikerotherm
we are having hall wars in woodruff. tonite's event was a spelling bee. except that everyone competing had to have 3 salted mui (sp) in their mouth the whole time. this is some horrible food khaek loves, because he has the crazy, and it's basically pickled salted prunes. only much much worse than that. and i had 3 of them in my mouth for a half hour and the whole inside of my mouth is pickled and tastes like salty cough syrup and it's the worst. i came in 2nd because i just coudlnt take it anymore and had to spit them out, i was about to throw up. BUT my hall is winning by half a point. so yeah. eat it, stub! we DOMINATE

the official total for aegis is 121, but me and nastassia and some guy megan knows are gonna sneak in some late entries on monday (editor's prerogative) so it'll probably be 125 or so.

casey played andrew wk on his radio show for me, he gets many gold stars. as does laurie, for the very involved conversation we had tonight on society and sex and other such weighty things.

this is gonna be a good weekend. i am pleased

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apparently claire danes, leo dicaprio, and shakespeare are starving artists?
state: team lemon slushies
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(en garde!)

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