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these are days.

ok so ive been sticking things in here for a few days now, rather than actually post anything. so here ya go

i'm so behind in my reading for class. i should catch up. eventually.

picture party with julie. we wandered around taking 'artsy' photos of various silly things. broken chairs are artistic, because artistic people are depressed and like damaged things. we had fun and played on the broken statues, and in the abandoned greenhouse.
went moxie shopping with heron. oh moxie. diet moxie, no less. this was for hall wars, to make people drink it because it's horrible. we're nice people. tonght was the gallon challenge, which turned out to be the gallon of water and 2 liters of gingerale and moxie challenge. i had to drink the water. got 3/4s or so in the 15ish minutes allotted to us, and then i felt like i was gonna pass out and stopped. yum. i've peed so much tonight, i think i'm rid of most of it now. we did alright, but now my hall is down to 2nd place. we'll catch up! victory is imminent. at least 5 people threw up (some off the outside balcony), it was good clean fun.

OH RAIN. it rained so good today. i was walkin to fencing and it was just POURING and wind blowing and craziness. i was laughing so much, people musta thought i was insane. sometimes rain makes me fairly ecstatic. but yeah, walking to fencing, i happened to be walking against the wind the whole way there. which means when i got there, the whole front of me was pure soaked, and the back was pretty much dry. also, there was a perfect line of wet/dry near the top of my pants where the jacket was covering. it was so weirdlooking.

i just took a nap for an hour or so. i had an abortive lucid dream. i was dreaming normally... something about having dinner with friends at some restaurant set up to look like a castle. then auger shows up, looking DRUUUUNK and a bit upset too, but it was hard to tell because he looked so DRUUUUNK. so i'm talking to him, then we're all talking, and sitting down to eat. now, randomly, during this, i am aware that i am dreaming but think nothing of it. the mind is stubborn and doesnt like to not take its own senses' words for it. but anyway, evenutlaly i realize "hey i'm dreaming! i can do what i want now!" and start flying away. but things only partially worked. i could fly, but instead of getting no gravity, gravity would just shift directions. like i'd get stuck on a wall instead of the floor. and at one point i was trying to make someone walk in thru the front door, and every time i tried, the door would open and there'd be light streaming through, and a wooden barrel would roll into the room. this happened like 6 times before i gave up and flew outside, where there was a waterpark (logically). and everyone seemed only slightly aware of my presence. they seemed to hear me when i talked, but didnt respond, and if i tried to touch someone i would pass through them, but there was resistance. it was very strange, but i'm thrilled all the same. i haven't had one of those in yearsss

stuff happened. mostly good. nothign worth typing out. i think the most significant thing that happened today is i ate swordfish, to give you some idea

why is there a christian fencer's association? this is a sport devoted to violently stabbing people. they may as well be christian axe murderers
The CFA will hold a beginners fencing camp in Calcutta, India December 1st-11th. Indian youth will be given an opportunity to experience an activity unique to their culture and enviroment. We pray that this will give them hope and encouragement for their futures as this great Olympic sport and God's love is shared with them.
that's just bizarre

so.. i tell ie to keep the last 20 days of my history, and yet there's never anything in there. not even teh history of the current day. what gives? it even got rid of its list of pages i've been to (so it can give links the "you already saw this" color)

the end.

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