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and here is me on april the 8th of 2003.

but me on the right now is going to sleep because i am exhausted. fencing was good. some bouts i fenced really well, and some i flubbed. most were somewhere in the middle. i had the best end to one bout.. it was 4-4 in a 5 touch bout, the time runs out. what this does is, the ref flips a coin and someone calls it. whoever wins the toss gets precedence: if no one gets the last touch in 1 minute, that person wins. i lost the toss. so, generally i am a defensive fencer- i use counterattacks a lot. that's not gonna work when i need to get a touch to not lose. so i'm goin after him. i dont know how, but we both end up too close together and despeartely jabbing at each other, but we're too close so our swords are past. he steps off the side so that gets stopped and we keep going. at 42 seconds now. we get a double touch. since we're already at 4-4 it's not counted. so we keep going. sam yells DAN DO SOMETHING and i'm not having any luck, so i do exactly that. i do something. i lunge right at him and get him in the chest. WIN! it was a thrill. the other time she yelled that at me (against andy of all people), i had the same response and got that touch (and won that bout) too. she should follow me around all day yelling encouragement.
but there were some bouts i just screwed up too. like the 1st one, where i lost 4-5, and 4 of the touches that kid got on me were straight lunges to my wrist. i coudlnt react properly for some reason. i came out 4th in my 1st pool, and 5th in the second. since you needed 3rd in the second pool to go on, i was out at that point. bah. let's see how i do tomorrow.

then i went to teh acapella thing. it was nice. heron's the only one in AB who dances while she's singing

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