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isn't one of the signs of ummm.... that shitty disease that i think starts with an m having a stiff neck? damn, ebolatown for me. if i still feel broked in the morning (my morning is looking to be afternoon at this point) i'll look it up online and find more symptoms. meningitis maybe? i dunno, sumthin like that. i'd ask my mom what it's called but she'll flip out and want to take me to the hospital or something. last time i had the symptoms for this damn thing i ended up getting a spinal tap at 2 in the morning. what a fuckin weird couple days that way. of course, in defense of that, i was really deathly ill at that point.
i've been tired the past couple days too, now that i think about it. sleepin like 10 hrs a night and still being tired during the day. hmm

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