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so, TNH accepted a controversial ad a couple issues back. some guy took offense at this and wrote this in response. in response to his response, i wrote a letter which is in the current issue whcih i guess they havent put online yet[1].
aaand, lately there has been a christian group putting annoying "what if jesus loves you?" "what if god demands perfection?" messages in chalk all over campus lately, with contact info in case you are converted by these qeustions and want to talk to them or something. they wrote into the paper with this letter (the top one). it's some of their more bland questions, they had a few that were more pointed. anyway, i wrote a response to that too[2]. now i didnt really realize it at the time, but reading both of my letters today, i sound like a HUGE asshole. i wasnt intending to be so mean at all. it's pretty funny i think, i'm so rarely rude at all. i'm sure i offended a ton of people.
but anyway, the main point of me mentioning all this is: about 2 hours ago, i got a call from this jenn girl over my god letter.. she was intrigued by my "very strong views" and would like to discuss them, evidently. and she complimented by writing style, tho actually i thought the letters came out pretty crappy as i wrote them in about 2 seconds (she also said something about how she wishes she had time to do things like that [i assume she was referring to writing letters to TNH], but "i guess if you care you make the time". how long does she think i slaved over those letters? i dont wanna tell her how much of a rushjob those were, i think she'd be disapointed). i'm running on the assumption she wants to convert me right now, but she seemed really friendly and cool, so it should be fun. we're meeting for dinner thursday in the mub. oh random jenn person, you dont know what youre getting into.. and also, i got an email from some tim person with pretty much the same message, but i havent answered it yet. being an ass is making me popular!
oh yeah, so i'm in the lounge talking to some people, and this girl ive seen around but dont really know asks if i wrote that letter. i say yeah. apparently she's in the group and has been doing the campaign. yeah

[1] so i'll put it here:
Mr. Scyocurka, why do you think that your charming pro-war ad would be kept out of TNH? Despite my own argument with their decision over the PETA ad, I think they do try to make fair reasoned decisions on the content of the paper. If you'd like to draw up that propaganda piece and get some organization to sponsor it (ROTC perhaps? since you seem to think all servicemen are in favor of the war and are terribly offended by any of us making use of the rights they fight for), I do believe it would be let in. But either way, your baseless assumption is immaterial to whether or not the Osama ad should have been run. The answer is, of course it should have. And so should yours, if you submit it. We're at a state university; I can't think of a more appropriate place to discuss political controversy. The information presented to us should not be dumbed down or made palatable to every oversensitive reader looking for something to be offended by.
I have another question for you: why do you assume everyone in the armed forces would support this war? Did everyone fighting in Vietnam support that action? Hardly. And even if they all were in favor of an attack, their vote doesn't count any more or less than anyone else around here. Welcome to the USA. I think you are the one who owes an apology, to everyone you are trying to shut up because you are offended by what they have to say.

(lisa [TNH editor in chief] emailed me that they don't like letters personally addressed to other people. this got thru, but in the future i guess it's better if i spread the hate)

[2] and here's that one:
What if we aren't a cosmic accident?
What if life does count?
What if we shouldn't just eat, drink and be merry?
What if there is meaning to life?
What if there is hope for the hopeless?
What if there is a Creator?
What if God is still involved in our lives?
What if God knows everything we've ever done?
What if Jesus was more than a carpenter?
What if Jesus offers forgiveness?
What if Jesus is the Savior of the world?

Then maybe we should take responsibility for our own lives instead of attributing everything to some vague omnipotent concept.
Then maybe we should live it.
Then maybe there are better ways to spend your time than by worrying about the opinion of some hypothetical intolerant perfectionist.
Then maybe life is more meaningful when it's your own to live.
That's not only an oxymoron but an empty question as well. Go on.
Then maybe he shouldn't have done a halfassed job of it if he wants our worship and adulation.
Then maybe he should show his hand if he wants it acknowledged.
Then maybe he should get a better hobby, or I should get a restraining order.
Then maybe he was also a delusional cult leader. (Though I do agree with you that "Jesus wasn't just a 'good moral teacher'". He wasn't a good moral teacher at all. He was contradictory and freely admitted that he spoke in parables so people would misunderstand him.)
Then maybe he should tell us what it is we need forgiveness for.
Then maybe he should save it already. Letting people suffer and die to prove a point isn't a very classy move on a diety's part.

You invite us to think about and respond to your questions. These questions would not convince anyone who didn't believe; they are designed to prey on the insecurities of people who have already been inundated with too much absurdity. Most people either ignore them, mock them, or are annoyed by them. If you're going to try to spread your message, at least don't do it in a self-defeating way. Or better yet, spread a sensible message.

(they *ed out the s's in "halfassed")

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