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meredith called me ruthless today in other news, i think i have… - here is where i live — LiveJournal

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October 23rd, 2002

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09:23 pm
meredith called me ruthless today

in other news, i think i have bubonic herpes ebola. every drop of moisture in my body is dripping out my nose, which simultaneously gives me a very runny nose and a very dry everything else. i woke up today and my throat and mouth were stabbingly painful from coughing and dryness

world englishes was cancelled today, for no specified reason [turns out aya (teacher) got sick]. i got to class and there was a sign to go away. now this does 2 things- a) the class runs from 4-6:30, so every week someone brings in food so we don't all starve. today was my turn. not being very creative about such things[1], i just went to dunkins and got 2 boxes of munchkins. so now i have 2 boxes of munchkins. theyre in the woodruff lounge with a FREE MUCHKINS, SUCKA sticky on them, if anyone wants. b) tim o'brien (the things they carried) is speaking today in boston, at 6. laurie, cute girl in my essay class, asked if anyone was going. i woulda been if i didnt think i had class. so i go down to class, it's cancelled, i run back up to see if i can find her but she's gone. i dont wanna go alone cuz i have a good history of getting horribly lost in boston (esp since i have no idea where boston public library is), and that sucks 900% more alone

[1] other people have brought in craazy food. this one girl amy, who's kinda creepily prim - she's a grad student, gonna be a teacher, and i can see her turning into a stereotypical schoolmarm - brought crackers and then proceeded to whip out one of those frosting gun things that bakers use to write on cakes, and she put dabs of this carrot goo that she had made on each cracker. someone else brought in an assortment of asian foods with badly translated english on the packaging.
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Date:October 23rd, 2002 09:44 pm (UTC)
i'd be rather hesitant to eat any munchkins that had a sign like that on them.

then i would proceed to devour them all.

P.S. i was laughing my ass off when i read that part, so you owe me a new ass.
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Date:October 24th, 2002 12:01 am (UTC)
it was the best-- after i told my RA why i left munchkins in the lounge, she started bitching at me cuz she kept eating them and she shoudlnt be. so it was something like "dan you can't leave food like that around cuz i'll eat it and i really shouldnt but it's just there and now i--HEY! POPCORN!" and she started eating the popcorn that someone had left out. she is super
if i can turn up a spare ass, it's yours. but i can't seem to find any that arent already in use

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