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crap i missed my 1337 entry! by 10!

anyway, my life today:
*my one class of the day was cancelled, so i spent a good 4 hours hanging out in the mubeteria. fun was had
*my jesusdate went nicely. we discussed religion and such things, she wasnt going evangelical on me, it was a good talk. and she reminded me SO much of borges. basically, it all came down to faith; she's got it, i don't. also, i said why their ad campaign sucks but that i had no better ideas for making it better
*LIES rocked the hizzy (i think that means house). they covered "take me home tonight" and casey forgot words to songs and it was really great. everyone was :D
*aegis betrayed me and tons of stuff i hated got voted in, and things i liked got shafted. including all 3 of my submissions. 1st time i've submitted and not gotten anything in! bah. tho the wire room got in this time, so i had my one grand victory. maybe i'll resubmit "this is how it begins" every time, to be a bastard

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