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you make the rockin' world go 'round

AHAHAHAHAHAHA oh wow, everyone on campus has to go read TNH right now. go to the op-ed page.
read "ad offensive to some". this is the best thing i've ever read. this person starts off saying thumbs up to SEAC for their osama ad, and that its' good that TNH was willing to accept it, then says that it's time to put TNH to the test by having other groups submit offensive ads and see if they get published. the list of ads are just beautiful (how about a ROTC ad showing a white van in front of the white house that says: "teh washington dc sniper: an army of one"). then this person (is Jerid a male or female?) somehow decides taht TNH has already failed the test which was proposed TWO PARAGRAPHS AGO and shame on them for not being willing to print ads they don't agree with. and then, the letter's crowning achievement.. it ends by saying SEAC should not have submitted the ad (which they were given a thumbs up for in the 1st paragraph) and "You can't imagine how many bread-and-alka-seltzer sandwiches i'm going to be feeding to the local seagulls in retaliation, you tree-hugging commies." WHAAAAT?? where did that even come from? Jerid Krulish, Alumni, class of '98, i salute your insanity.
meanwhile, Adam P Trull has decided that i'm a radical liberal hippie, i kill the innocent and free the guilty, i am congesting the campus, and i need to open my eyes to jesus. oh yeah, and that george w and steve forbes are honest and hard working, while clinton gore and nader are radical and detestable. "The power of honor rests in your hands!" that sounds like a bad translation from an old nintendo game.

on a scale from one to awesome, this is super great.

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