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smarter than i

so i finally heard bright eyes. many people had told me to. laura sent me mp3s and i like them very much. i salute your judgment, people who told me to. also, laura's a fan of Him, a band i barely believed existed, as theyre silly. they sound like a very goth bon jovi. so that's fun too.

woah-- idiopathic scoliosis (the kind i have. basically this means it developed in adolescence. tho it seems that idiopathic literally means "cause unknown") is considered a deformity. i'm deformed! that's kinda funny

i have to write 12 entries in my bio journal by friday. fun. i guess this means i have to go back and do all the reading.

on the plus side, after taking 1 lit course next semester (it's looking like either "literature of the late 18th century" or "the drama of shakespeare's contemporaries") i will be an officially done english major. i need 2 more classes for my linguistics minor. i still need an art gen ed. this all leaves me with 8 classes that don't especially matter to anything, except racking up credits. so i can start taking whatever bizarre things sound amusing, get the harder ones as pass-fail so i don't have to worry about anything, and go la-di-da on my merry way. maybe i'll go for honors-in-major. maybe i'll get another minor. maybe i'll take that beer tasting/brewing class i've heard the hospitality dept offers

hey look, it's 6 in the morning. crap. my cousins are coming up to visit today, thatll be fun. theyre getting here at 5:15ish, we shall dine and wander and theyll come to watch my fencing practice and then away. and i'll spend the entire time trying to keep track of which one's which as theyre identical twins and i still often have trouble with it all. shoudlnt i be able to recognize someone i've known for 20 years? i should make them wear nametags

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