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Take for example the Beach Boys song "Cocomo," which I don't really know how to spell or if it's even the name of the song. But I'm sure you know it, y'know, "Aruba, Jamaica, ooo I wanna take ya . . ." etc, etc, so on and so forth. Well, in the folly of my youth, (namely dance class when I was four or five), I realized that these Beach Boys fellows were brothers, and I thought the line "come on pretty mamma" meant that they were asking their mom to take them to these nice vacation spots. I never really thought about a lady friend. I mean, I was the girl who was so ignorant that she wanted to marry her best (female) friend because then I could live with her. (On a side note, I never could figure out why no one would give me a direct answer of whether I could do that or not.) But yeah, the song takes on a very different tone when you think it's about a bunch of ten-year-olds begging their parents not to take them to the Grand Canyon for yet another family vacation.

if half the world is saved
and half gets washed away
i'll meet you where the mountains turn to heaven

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