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ok so i found this mp3 awhile ago and i knew something was up but i coudlnt quite figure it out. i figured it wasnt actually AiC but whatever. so i just seroiusly listenend to it now. my new theory is it's 2 random dudes singing along with the actual pearl jam cd playing in the background. wtf? it's kinda funny actually

so today- milton, blah. i swear that class serves no purpose at all. it's interesting reading (if slow as fucking death), but honestly if she didnt take attendance, i could just go for quizzes and to turn in papers and i woudlnt miss a thing. she has all these pointless obscure ideas about this and that, then starts making more points that are blatantly obvious, but i dont think she can tell the difference. if it said "satan likes nachos" she would either tell us "this means satan likes nachos" or "this is milton showing his disdain for the monarchy and his love of god and that he thinks rob zombie was better when he was in white zombie", and either way i don't have any use for it. so she should just give us all A's and stop having class and make everyone's life easier
then after a quick lunch of more-disgusting-than-usual jump food, off to teh library, to spend about 3 hours looking for info for my world englishes project. i enlisted the librarian's help. so with our combined efforts, i got a grand total of........ 1 article, one sentence of whcih contains pertinent info. CRAP i'm screwed. so if rainking doesnt answer my questions soon with the most helpful useful info ever, my entire poster is going to consist of "a lot of people in holland speak english". then went to goodwill with heron, we got there like 10 minutes after they closed. so i'll go tomorrow before class.

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