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wtf? [in other news, my dad emailed me a list of kids who got arrested in said riot, and asked if i knew any of them. i did not]

AHH WHAT THE CRAP! blackboard is suddenly not loading. i need the course documents to forge my bio journal! holy crap for crap!
^ this was written friday as i was finishing up my bio journal. i think i got it enough done all the same. whatev. and this week i have to do my damncrapasshell world englishes thing, adn write an essay and research for 23843848 other things and ughhhhhhh the blows

and here we come to today

strong bad's "holy crap!" is definiltey part of my vocabulary now. whoo. so had the big one fencing tournament today. it was pretty good. my fencing was fucked, but it always is at tournaments. i wasnt even nervous or anything, i dont know why i was so bad today. boo.
[mildly related censored rant would go here. you'll just have to imagine. but grr]

ahahahah go nick go

someone said something to me the other day that got me thinking-- if you could completely erase someone's presence in your life by simply deleting them from your buddylist, what does that mean about your relationship? cuz thers a pretty good number of people on my list that could apply to

hmm.. caseygirl just IMed me. now it's pretty rare that she IMs me at all, so why do it a minute before she goes to bed when she had nothing in particular to say? that was odd
but even so, it's very good to have her living again

AHAHAHA it begins anew-- so part of my latest letter in TNH said that i wasnt sure how the diversity coalition fit under the safc banner, considering what their site says is the saf purpose. i specifically said i had nothing against dc (or seac, whcih was the other group that seemed out of place), they just didnt seem to qualify with what was given as the purpose of the fund. so i got a voicemail today from some guy at dc who wants to meet with me sometime and discuss my views on how the fund should be spent and what dc does, etc. why is it, every time i express an opinion, the resopnse is people want to sit me down for a good talking? it sounded from the tone of the message that he thought i was dissing dc. maybe i did by mistake and came out like an asshole again, i dunno, but i dont think i said anythign against it.
[oh wow, i just went to the tnh site. there's a whole buncha letters and junk in this issue that i get to think about. interesting.. (do i want to be part of a public forum? oh jeez)]

and now i'm going to bed. i am sooo tired (stupid getting up at 4 in teh morning for fencing)(hey maybe that's why i suck at tournaments. ha). i woulda been asleep an hour ago but dave borrowed my xp cd and said he was gonna bring it back soon. hasnt happened yet. if he appears, he can slip it under the door or something

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