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typo of the day: telephatic

word count for my 1st day of nanowrimo-ing: 274. so not only am i 4 days late in starting, but i am off to a very unwordy beginning. i'm gonna have to fuck shit up on thursday, as tomorrow i will be busy doing ALL THE WORK i didnt do today, and wednesday is my busy day already. i win.

oh crap, i missed the TNH letter deadline again. haha i still don't know if i want to do that roundtable debate thing. oh jeez

King Nixon (2:21:19 AM): the only things i can think of that would fit, i dont want to write about
Scummder (2:21:49 AM): hrm...
Scummder (2:22:15 AM): write about a yawn ;-)
King Nixon (2:22:23 AM): dude.
King Nixon (2:22:26 AM): i was
King Nixon (2:22:27 AM): yawning
Scummder (2:22:29 AM): *hides*
King Nixon (2:22:30 AM): when you said that
Scummder (2:22:31 AM): :i
Scummder (2:22:32 AM): :o
Scummder (2:22:35 AM): so was I!
King Nixon (2:22:39 AM): AHHH
Scummder (2:22:43 AM): !!!!
Scummder (2:22:51 AM): ARE WE IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE??!
King Nixon (2:23:08 AM): no, it's later than twilight, thats why we're so tired
Scummder (2:23:15 AM): Very true
King Nixon (2:23:36 AM): we are in the...... Late Night/Early Morning Zone
Scummder (2:23:44 AM): Yikes!
King Nixon (2:23:51 AM): yuh dude
King Nixon (2:24:03 AM): its some scary shiznizzle
Scummder (2:24:07 AM): no kidding!
Scummder (2:26:00 AM): okay. I must slumber, before I brains connect more!
King Nixon (2:26:32 AM): hahahahahahhahaah
Scummder (2:26:36 AM): ;-)
King Nixon (2:26:37 AM): i was about to say i was goin to bed
King Nixon (2:26:42 AM): but now i cant cuz i'm too scared
Scummder (2:26:42 AM): NOOOO!
Scummder (2:26:49 AM): you muzt post this freakyness!

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