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i just noticed - tomorrow is friday the 13th! it's funny, i'm not superstitious, but my 1st thought when i saw that (after, "hey, it's friday the 13th") was 'uh oh'.. my mind gets its own opinions when i'm not looking, sometimes

oh yeah, thought i'd mention.. my dad said something to me in an email today about maybe the stuff i'm saying in here is a lil personal to be posting to the world (tho i really don't know what he was referring to.. i don't think i'd said anythign particularly personal when he wrote that.. lol i didnt get emo til later).. my response (which i will say in here but haven't gotten around to emailing yet cuz i'm weird) is that that's the point of this thing. i write what i want, how i feel, what i'm thinking. should peopel so choose, htey can read it and learn more about me (or just waste some free time, whatever), but i'm writing it for me. tho actually, people reading it is a large part of the appeal. in teh same way it's easier sometimes to say certain things on IM than in person, i can ramble on in here in a way i really coudln't with someone sitting right in front of me (tho a large part of that also is that it's just easier to ramble when you're not actually conversing and being expected to respond to what the other person is saying). tho also, the only people i know have actually read this thing so far are john, laur, and rob~, and i've ranted to them all previous, so this won't be much new, other than in amount. o wait, and my dad, he read this too.. lol that's what started me babbling here in teh 1st place. yay me. and i've kinda lost track of my point, haven't i? yeah.. so anyway, yes, dad, this will be personal. i spose i coudl just cutpaste this out and email it to him, no? i believe i will do so.

(the mood is from the 1st para, obvoiusly.... hmm, you can type into the 'mood' box after you select one from the list.. let's see what happens when you edit.. ok, so the 1st mood is for the 1st para. yes)

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