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"i'm so full of love" --boy hits car - here is where i live

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May 31st, 2001

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07:18 pm - "i'm so full of love" --boy hits car
i dont like the song, but that's a great line

o i just remembered this, from pizzanite. this amused the hell outta me:
steph said something involving the word subtly. pronouncing it sub-til-lee. so after it is pointed out that is incorrect, porter says she was just pronouncing it pih-hon-et-ick-all-lee (phonetically, if you're daft).

wow my computer is melting. i'm going to reboot this here sucka. word.

update: you can all thank imesh for melting it, btw. that program has many wonderful features and works quite nicely, except the slight flaw of phucking your computer up when you use it. according to that system resources thingy, it was using about 25% of my comp when i turned it off. but by then it was too late. fnarr.
np: shai halud - 'hearts once nourished..' that weird unlisted techno song at the end

(en garde!)

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