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this post contains little to no thought on my part

funtime with feste

kick ups! this one is hailey79's fault.. damn addictive games. i haven't gotten over 15 yet

from shudder2think who i don't know at all but i approve of her username and of this pic

this is striking (fair warning: nudity contained therein)(don't worry, it's not me). if you read the comments, apparently the writing consists of german, latin, and kmfdm lyrics (which may also be in german, i dunno)

i think the ringer volume on my phone is mislabed. it says off | medium | loud, when it should say off | loud | my eardrums have ruptured. perhaps i'll write to the manufacturer to fix this obvious mistake.

so i'm still sick, i guess. i have a sore throat. other than that, i feel fine. i woulda gone out today but i dunno if i'm contagious or whatever. hrmph. illness is lame, it is.

and thanks to atarikat thru billiam i have a new word: ambitchous.

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