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GirlFlesh7 (10:46:04 PM): there should be like...intro to cookies

i was warned against 2 of the classes i had on my possible schedule.. US in world affairs and intro to drawing. i guess i'm gonna replace affairs with intro to philosophy, but i dont know what to do for drawing. i need to fill this stupid gen ed, and there's nothing i really want to take. the humanities class looked kinda intresting, but its at like 9:30 in the AM, so i probably wouldnt go on a particularly regular basis
and krasner told me the honors-in-major program is essentially useless, so i dont know if i'm gonna bother with that. which frees up 3 more classes for me to do whatever i like with. whee! i might still do the thesis, i dunno. but yeah, so i need to decide on what to replace drawing with by sometime tomorrow

wtf is wrong with the interweb today? every page i go to, it says it doesnt exist and i have to reload it, and then it works fine. work or dont work, but stop teasing me

yo, trip on this...
i'm rolling thru the hood on a saturday night
got a 40 in my left hand, dick in my right
some chronic in my lap, pager in my hat
and a 9mm in the small of my back

why don't the rest of you leave me cute messages like this when i'm away to make me happy?
CityBabe9 (3:29:52 PM): WHERE'S MY DAN?
Auto response from King Nixon (3:29:52 PM): class, RAC, gym, stab wound, ABCDEFG, here, collapse
CityBabe9 (3:29:56 PM): DAN'S THE MAN!
CityBabe9 (3:30:06 PM): DON'T FORGET LYZI'S BIRTHDAY 12/4.
CityBabe9 (3:30:43 PM): WHERE'S YOUR BEARD?
CityBabe9 (3:30:51 PM): DAAAAAAAAAAAAAN... IT'S LYZI!
CityBabe9 (3:31:23 PM): PRONOUNCED CHAN-I-KA.
CityBabe9 (3:31:31 PM): With the 'ch'.
CityBabe9 (3:31:35 PM): Bye Dan.

well damn, it's true..
dan, your unconscious mind is driven most by Resistance

You approach the world with your guard intact because unconsciously, and perhaps consciously, you want to maintain an element of control in your relationships with people. You tend to hold much of what is in your unconscious mind just out of reach of others. You're not one to immediately show all your cards, to let people into who you really are until you're ready.

Unfortunately, that sometimes means you also hide things from yourself. You may find that your desire to remain guarded backfires, affecting your self-awareness. Why are you like this? It's possible that you act in this manner because of a deeply-rooted fear of being exposed, or of truly expressing yourself. To protect yourself from this fear, you act in the opposite manner — you are guarded.

There is a certain respect that comes with resistance, an unconscious understanding that the human psyche is very vulnerable. We all feel we have a lot to hide, and you are not one to be intrusive or thoughtless about how you approach sensitive topics with others. Therefore you inspire a sense of safety in others when they are around you. Your psyche is very deep, very rich, and the more you can let yourself know (both the good and the bad), the more you will be able to appreciate who you really are.

Though your unconscious mind is driven most strongly by Resistance, there is much more to who you are at your core.
i like how they all have that thing at the end assuring us we're made up of more than the one trait. that's nice to hear
wait, everyone else has good traits- love, curiosity, imagination, etc. i get resistance? suuucks. i really can't argue with teh conclusions tho

i am currently listening to every song on my computer with the word candy in the name. i have 7 of them! i'm on morphine now
uh, the band, not the drug. that would probably make writing my 5 page paper more difficult (and more fun)

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