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well it's been fun. i was driving off for home and smelled a funny rubber smell. i went "hmm", noticed the engine heat thingy was way up in the boiling hot area, went "HMM" and drove to a garage, where i was told my radiator was fucked and if i drove back to manch it would kaboom. i guess it's from the deer, cuz he opened the hood (and basically had to rip the front vent thingy off to get it open, cuz it was wedged in so tight) and pointed out the radiator (i dont know what the hell i'm looking at in there) and it was all crooked and bent and unhealthy-looking, but i was driving with heron last night and it was fine, so bah. anyway, it got towed to some garage in portsmouth and kendra brought me home because she's wonderful

amy says i'm the nicest boy she knows. i don't think i believe her, but that makes me feel nice

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