Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

so for thanksgiving, my family decided to be very traditional and all-american, by going to tandoor, the new indian/pakistani restaurant. i liked it a lot, but no one else did cuz they said it was too oily. and as if the yummy food and offputtingly polite waiter weren't enough, they had a meal on the menu featuring LAMB BRAINS. i went with mutton (lamb/goat) instead, but i think next time i'm gonna brain it. they also had "arab champagne", which was disapointing. the guy said it was sparkling apple cider, and it turned out to be sparkling apple juice. tasted okay but it wasnt what i wanted. and i'm still wondering how it got called arab champagne. on the way home, my mom pointed out that, since theyre pakistani, they're probably arab, and therefore probably anti-semetic. i said that arabs ARE semitic, and she changed her theory to anti-jew. but either way, i guess people from pakistan are all evil and i shouldn't eat their food. good to know, mom

i got eye insurance in the mail today! i really dont know what the story is, but for no reason me or my parents are aware of i got my membership kit for eyemed insurance. i looked at the fine print and don't see anything about scamming monthly charges or premiums or whatever. if they're better for it than my dad's crappy insurance, maybe i'll get to try out contacts after all

tonite i was supposed to call lyzi when i got back from dinner and we'd hang out and i'd buy shoes, and fun times. but after dinner, my guitar distracted me until about 8, at which point she was at kmart wiht eric. the shoe place closed at 9, so i told her to call the cell when she got back, unless it was past 9 in which case i'd just go to lee. she didn't call so i went to lee. with my new, non-holed puffy-clown shoes

a post-thanksgiving party at the lee house. we had a bonfire and burned inappropriate-for-burning things, such as drywall, a computer chair (which shrivelled and melted splendidly), and a door that my friend proceeded to punch thru ninja-style WHILE IT WAS ON FIRE. that was the most action movie thing i've ever seen in person
[a more complete list of things that were burned: a door/yankees hat/lawn chair/computer chair/books/dry wall/toilet paper/a mop/3 old xmas trees/old board games/mattress/matress cover/plastic toy truck/an unidentified video/lots of cardboard/wood/ben's gloves]

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