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i can't wait til i can hate you tonight

so i am in the throes of working out a philosophy which is amoral (as opposed to immoral). basically, the idea that how someone chooses to respond to any set of circumstances is the only way they could have responded. because of their upbringing and personal morality and general ideas of life and anything that may be on their mind, their friends and parents and life up to that moment, the way they choose to act is the only choice that thier essence at that moment would decide upon. this isn't like fate, because you still are free to choose what you will, but an omnicient being judging just from your personality and life up to that moment could decisively say what you will choose (this is part of why i dont believe in omnicient beings, and even moreso the morality of their punishing/rewarding us for our choices). so i suppose an omnicient being would see our lives in much the same way someone who saw the future would. but luckily, from our limited vantage points, we are still all free to choose and do as we please according to our whims
this is rather unwieldy for day-to-day life, and only mildy comforting or explanatory (tho i only mildly believe it as yet, so that may follow), but it has some interesting implications. i think so anyway. any thoughts?
also i suppose chaos could cause problems for this idea. i don't know how much the jiggling quarks in our brains affect our decisions

sweet fucka! the auto body place says my car might be done by the end of the week. none of this waiting a month bullshit like henrys for them, oh no! :D

3 concepts which i think are of very dubious value and should probably be disposed of:
anyone want to defend them? or agree with me?

sometimes my absurd notions put me into absurd situations

What Monty Python Character are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

hehe, philly is selling xmas jello. green and red, with their traditional oddly crusty whipcream. mmm mmm

holy shit buy me 30 of these!!

hahaha on an application it's asking my job history. for my duties and responsibilities at teh UNH Survey Center, i put "called people to ask them surveys questions and interrupt their dinners". i hope i get humor points. i'm applying to be a consultant for the student computer clusters, which apparently consists of talking on aim all day judging from larissa

coming soon: a post all about my thanksgiving break, complete with photos. or probably links to photos, cuz there's a lot of them

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