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yet more random links for meeee

so as soon as my brother gets off the phone, i'm calling homevision to see if they feel like employing me or what. wish me luck! in the meantime, i'm playing 'out of this world' cuz that game rules and i havent played in ages

update: 1st off, i beat out of this world. i rule. of course, i've beaten that game like 900 times, but still. hmm it's a dos game and i can't figure out how to make it run on this thing w/ sound. if i turn the game's sound off it runs fine, but when it has sound on it locks up the comp. i dunno. damn crappy windoze dos support. in other updatey news, i called homevision and was told the manager was hella busy this weekend and he'd call me monday. so we'll see... i wanna job!! i need money to buy things and stuff. i still owe michelle for the godsmack/deftones ticket, i owe my dad, and there's a ton of stuff i wanna get. more concert tickets.. rock climbing stuff.. etc
in the meantime, i'm waiting for lauri to show up. hopefully she'll be here soon, or i'll get concerned - this is her 1st time attempting to find my house solo. i dunno how much stock i put in her navigation skills

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