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"well, i got herpes.. but at least i had sex!"

King Nixon (12:54:59 PM): o yeah, the estimate on my car came in...... $5275
tiiznit (12:55:04 PM): wow
tiiznit (12:55:09 PM): is that covered by insurances?
tiiznit (12:55:27 PM): i see that the honda unibody is made of diamonds
King Nixon (12:55:31 PM): thankfully yes
King Nixon (12:55:41 PM): yeah
King Nixon (12:55:45 PM): and platinum tires
tiiznit (12:56:07 PM): and a spermicidal fuel system, for when stupid people mistake your gas tank for pussy
King Nixon (12:56:34 PM): you'd be surprised how often that happens. it's gotten 3 abortions this month

GTA: the nintendo years
(hint: you control with the mouse)

btw, that kid i met sketchily the other day- i've seen him twice since then. we say hi. we're pals now.

hey mad, check it out!
Who's your inner gay man?

brought to you by Quizilla

so i get to poke my way through all these books to write my world englishes anotated bibliography. ahh fun. and when i sat down at that desk at the library, this was the pile waiting for me

so friday night, a bunch of people went sledding by the library. it was such fun! i havent been sledding in forever, it was a blast. butttt kevin took a wrong turn going down, flew over the stairs, and smashed into a railing. it was a very jackass move, and pretty damn funny until he wasn't moving after. nothing was broken, happily, but he got mondo stitches and crutches. (i also hit the railing a few times but managed to avoid death, once by caseyboy tackling me to slow me down. it was good). i'm sorry he got hurt, of course, but it ended up being fun anyway- we all hung out in the hospital waiting room for awhile, then came back to woodruff.


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