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so i'm confused. jess' boyfriend matt just IMed me to invite me to an edge party. now he seemed like a cool kid, for the 20 minutes i met him last year, but that isnt really a lot to go on for IMing someone to invite to your house. he signed off before i coudl inquire, so i asked jess:

King Nixon (11:42:55 PM): woah i just got invited to a party at matt's house. thats random
XsXeDulcetCryX (11:43:01 PM): HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
King Nixon (11:43:18 PM): um, yeah
King Nixon (11:43:20 PM): was it that funny?
XsXeDulcetCryX (11:43:37 PM): uh huh, cuz you don't know him
King Nixon (11:44:15 PM): yeah thats what confused me
King Nixon (11:47:37 PM): how did i even get invited to this?
XsXeDulcetCryX (11:47:46 PM): he imed you
XsXeDulcetCryX (11:47:51 PM): i think he thought you were edge
King Nixon (11:47:54 PM): well i noticed that..
King Nixon (11:48:02 PM): hahaha did he?
XsXeDulcetCryX (11:48:19 PM): yeah
King Nixon (11:48:24 PM): so he's inviting every edge kid he's ever met?
XsXeDulcetCryX (11:48:55 PM): well... no.... but some of them
XsXeDulcetCryX (11:49:08 PM): hehe there aren't many of us, we have to stick together ;-)
King Nixon (11:49:14 PM): lol
King Nixon (11:49:15 PM): i guess so!
XsXeDulcetCryX (11:49:19 PM): :-)
King Nixon (11:49:28 PM): maybe i'll show up with a keg
XsXeDulcetCryX (11:49:47 PM): a keg of IBC!
King Nixon (11:49:54 PM): uhhh.. yeah, that's what i meant
XsXeDulcetCryX (11:50:06 PM): haha sure sure

this makes less sense the more i think about it. i'm definitely considering going, it would probably be a fun night

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