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today was a failure on pretty much every level. i woke up late, got up even later, sat around not doing very much when i should have been working, worked really slowly when i finally started (hence not getting my milton paper in on time, which is just laughable because its 5 pgs and she's the easiest grader ever. it should have taken 2 hrs tops, even with finding all the quotes. so i'll bring that to her tomorrow i guess). i didnt do any of the stuff i wanted to today -- aegis, theatersports, leave my room for more than food -- and now i get to be up forever doing my bio journal because i haven't touched it since mid semester and she never answered my email asking what time it's due tomorrow since class is cancelled, so i figure i should get it in to her sometime aroudn when class would have been so i don't have 2 late final thingys. on the plus side, after that all i have left is my bio paper monday and all done with this semester

good things about today: woodruff finally got its dvd player put in so i don't have to take over other people's rooms to watch movies, casey put on a good radio show and my request got on, and this link:
Vicious Vegan -- A Plate Full of Hate

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