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things i missed this week because of assignments due: 1) the fencing… - here is where i live

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December 15th, 2002

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02:50 am
things i missed this week because of assignments due:
1) the fencing meeting about florida. i had already mostly decided not to go, so it's not a big deal. but now i'm hearing instead of the couple hundred i thought it would be, it's gonna be like 30 or something. which at that price there's no reason really not to, even if it's not a big deal. but whatev. me and megan decided, we're gonna have our own tournament while everyone's gone and it's gonna be awesome and theyll all be jealous
2) blood drive in the mub
3) matt's edge party
4) aegis signing party. but according to anna, who i saw tonite, her and megan were the only ones there so it wouldnt have been a real extensive signing party. but nonetheless, much fun. theyre neat

it's funny how, of the 4 things i had due this week, i got 2 of them in late. late meaning the next day. i was hoping that as the requirements and responsibilities on me grew greater, i would step up in response to them. but if anything, i'm just getting lazier. in all honesty, i don't know what to do about it

last night, with everything fiiiiiiiinally done (except my bio paper due monday. but phbbt that. i'll worry about it tomorrow), i went to the de-stress fest in the mub, with vanessa and alicia and some annoying guy. me and the guy did bouncy boxing and he thrashed me 3-1. the last one i somehow fell through into the wall and got stuck. the guy running the thing had to shove me back out, it was weird. then free massage, which was lurvely. we all hung around and left, and me and kate watched the fisher king. that is a strange strange movie. i'm gonna have to watch it again before i decide on it, i think, but this may be hte movie that breaks my loving-everything-by-terry-gilliam streak. that would be a shame
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