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December 23rd, 2002

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02:53 am - a lot more sex
okay,mister livejournal, it's been awhile. i'll catch yer ass up, right quick.

yeah i was gonna type up something pointlessly long and bitter here, but there is really no point. so you're all spared my bile. unless you ask.

on a similar note, i've changed my mind. no catching up for you. who cares what i did a week ago?

btw, here's a neat fact for you: it wasn't scientifically proven that smoking causes cancer until a couple years ago. like 2000, i think. they were pretty damn sure, since they had plenty of correlation between people smoking and doing unhealthy things like falling over dead. on the other hand, most people who die breathe a lot of air, but that is generally not assumed to be the cause.

umm yeah. lyzi is pregnant again. i hope she knows what she's doing. she says theyre happy about it, i believe her. all the same, i'm concerned
ha, here i am acting all conservative. who knew?

i swear, every time i send a letter to tnh i get invited to chat with people. this DAVID...... MAY (i swear that's how he said his name) fella wants to talk to me. ive been informed by others that he is an asshole. i bet itll be fun. i'll have to do my research 1st and be fully armed with proving that dining services fucks monkeys

i have written here to write something about "movie" (yes i leave myself notes about what to put in the lj). i guess i'm referring to donnie darko. so yeah. that was a fuckin WEIRD movie. you should all watch it a couple times and tell me if it made any sense to you. don't ask anyone about it or read anything about it - i made that mistake, after the 1st viewing, and i wanna see if it can be understood from just the movie, w/o the help of some websites explaining what's going on. tho i'll give you 1 clue that is definitely impossible to get from the movie: the guy driving at the climax is his sister's boyfriend.

mapquest and yahoo maps can both explode. they got me lost to everywhere. goin to portsmouth auto body, i got lost BOTH times (1st time when sean was driving me because he is captain awesome). wait, no! before that when dee was driving, we coudlnt find it then either. the thing about them is (and this is a general rule), a good route to where youre trying to go is always in the directions. but you need to skip a lot of extra steps that they throw in for fun, to find the good steps.
speaking of auto body, i finally got my car back thursday. on the way home, i discovered that the passenger window cant be opened and the transmission made funny noises (kate confirmed them, so it wasnt my imagination). i called them, and apparently my insurance only covers them repairing what they did, and i cant go home and bring it to someone in manch
so i brought it in, and they fixed the window, and didnt find anything wrong with the transmission. i dunno. maybe itll explode on the highway
i also got lost both times going to the dover blockbuster (only place that had the movie). only got back the 1st time thru kate's magically navigating hunches. the best part is i discovered on the way back from bringing hte movie back friday night that the road it's on actually goes straight thru campus (108) so i could just follow that back instead of looping randomly around on the highway and going thru the same fucking tollbooth 3 times before i can figure out which direction i should be going in. i win at direction

yay my dad got me the new soad cd! it's rad. sounds pretty much like toxicity, which makes sense seeing as all these songs come from the same session

ive been exiled to the cumbys on mast rd. what the hell is that? i never get to work at teh webster st store anymore. that one is close to my house, dammit. mast rd is fine, there's nothing wrong with workin there, but meh. and i guess cumbys is all about having 2 people working all the time now. that sucks. i feel like i shoudlnt sit around and read and not do anything quite so much when there's someone else there keeping busy.

and i slept 11 hours last night. ohh was i tired. the night before i only got 4 hrs, cuz i got home at 3am and had to be at work at 8am because the manager clearly hates me and wants me to die. i worked today at 8 too. yeah! tuesday i work at 3, won't that be a treat

so this started as a comment in dennis' journal but i'll put it here for all my nerdcore friends to read and yell at me. here are a few thoughts (mostly complaints) about two towers.
sometimes tolkein passes charles dickens levels of naming his characters. wormtongue? he may as well be wearing a t shirt that says "hey i'm a bad fella".
of course, being played by brad dourif has much the same effect.

why were those stupid people still obeying king obviously-possessed-by-evil-magic-to-the-extent-of-looking-300-years-old-and-barely-being-able-to-move? and in his stead, they obey some-guy-named-wormtongue-of-all-things-who-acts-all-shifty-and-looks-like-he-parties-with-batboy. i think their monarchy needs some sort of competence clause

i thought gollum's duality was really overdone actually. it was like watching a cartoon with the angel and devil sitting on his shoulder yelling at him. granted he's a crazy hobbit and all, but MPS barely exists in the 1st place and i'm pretty sure they dont sit around conversing with themselves like that. mumble.

my biggest problem wiht the movie, in terms of explaining my relatively low enjoyment level of it compared with what it couldashouldawoulda been, which i just figured out, is that most of it was pointless. this, being the middle of the series, was all the stuff that tolkien threw in so he could have a longer plot. (i include sauromon in this. oh and speaking of tolkein naming people, do his main bad guys' names really need to rhyme like that? good grief). the point is the ring and the trip to smashy it. everything else is flava, and we realy didnt need 3 hours of mostly flava, nice tho it may be
np: richard cheese - live - - one is the loneliest number

(7 shots upside the head | en garde!)


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Date:December 23rd, 2002 03:38 pm (UTC)
i liked it when people died.

you may assume i am referring to LOTR, but i did not say that.
[User Picture]
Date:December 23rd, 2002 04:59 pm (UTC)
i killed a bunch of people once.
[User Picture]
Date:December 23rd, 2002 09:40 pm (UTC)
no no.
the two towers was great.
man the elves!
and legolas fight scenes...that is all i need.
[User Picture]
Date:December 23rd, 2002 11:59 pm (UTC)
the only good elves are agent smith and that guy who looks like the lawyer guy from that show that got cancelled 5 or so years ago. the one who got stabbed by like 3 orcs.
legolas is a girl. he should sing for hanson.
Date:December 24th, 2002 05:49 pm (UTC)
i love the elves. they're my favorite part of everything ever. they're so nice and pretty and great.

my boyfriend said the same thing...how this installment is all just plot filler and "anti-climactic" but i enjoyed it all the same.

gollum....makes me mad. cause i can't look at him directly or i get really creeped out. and i just want to cry when he's being all innocent and stupid.

i had something else to say about the movie but it just took a trip outta my brain....
Date:December 31st, 2002 07:38 pm (UTC)
I don't want to get up on my high horse here, but I feel the need to say something. I FINALLY saw "The Two Towers" tonight so I waited till I saw it before I read / replied to this.

First off, it's a fictional world. Gollum doesn't really exist, perhaps his brain is very much different from our own. I don't think anyone is in a place to criticize things such as this, because it's make-believe. That's why I think criticizing fiction should be outlawed. At least the content. It's one thing if you criticize the way it was delivered, but you went into the realm of criticizing the actual content. Anyhoo.

As for your comment about filler...the main point of this series is NOT to destroy the ring. The main plotline is all about the race of man returning to glory and claiming their place at the top of the Middle Earth heirarchy. The ring and its saga are simply a way of putting the race of man in this position, story-wise. If you look at it from that standpoint, then the movie was very relevant to the plot. The ring played a very small role in this movie because this was supposed to show us man's first step towards reclaiming greatness, and it also showed the character of Aragorn his rightful place as a leader. It was a little thin, I'll give you that, but it was definitely much more than filler in my opinion.
[User Picture]
Date:December 31st, 2002 11:12 pm (UTC)
even fantasy has to live within its own world. all of the characters in these movies are, basically, human-like mentally. and i think i sure as hell can criticize content if i don't like it-- they could have used a cardboard cutout for gollum, and just said "hey, it's middle earth, how do YOU know nothing here is made of cardboard." and that's perfectly true, but if they did it they would be set aflame.
now granted, i never got very far in return of the king, so something spectacular could be in store for me (i sure hope so). but so far, man hasnt earned a whole lot of glory, in my snotty opinion. they already had their kingdoms, so it's not like they were sitting around under everyone else's thumbs up to this point. and the only reason theyre leading the day here is that the elves decide, for no particular reason that i can remember, that this would be a good time to bow out. if the point is human's rising to glory, why was frodo made the ringbearer? it was human weakness that kept it from being destroyed the first time, so it should be a human to take care of it now.

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