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it returns..

look thru jesus' site, it's actually rather interesting. all the hokey dating bathing stuff is still up, but he's got some cool stuff there too now - his sermons, for example. when i get around to it, i want to email him about his comments on agnostics/atheists (i believe in his faq, but i'm not sure). on that vein, i had some really interesting conversations today
-with lauri and otherdan, about god and predestination and such. it was my usual question of, if god is allknowing and sees the future, and creates someone, doesnt he know before creating them whether they will go to heaven or hell? and if he creates someone he knows will go to hell, isnt he creating them to go to hell, since he's designing them? despite their valiantish efforts, no conclusions were drawn. i would really like someone to give me an answer to this, it's one of my big sticking points. i hate the idea of fate. if whatever i do was planned out for me to do already, why do anything? if i spend the day in bed, or dicking around online, aren't i just fulfilling gods ultimate plan, or the karma of the univesre, or whatever the reasoning is? and speaking of which, god's plan sure does seem to involve a lot of people going to hell, doesnt it..
-lauri and not me dan again, timetravel. it was concluded (i think) that it would only work - and i think it should, cuz it just seems like it should - if there are multiple universes, as in that theory of whenever something happens or something makes a choice or whatever, there's another universe where the other choice was made. so if you go back in time and mess around with something, you don't change a present that already exists, you just create another one and go into that. or it was already there and you just switch timelines. i dunno. it's weird shtuff.
-jo, whether our minds/souls/whatever exist apart from the chemical electrical reactions in our bodies. she says we're just the physical, i say no. i don't see how a lot of neurons and chemicals, none of which to my knowledge individually conscious, could by reacting at each other create a consciousness pervasive and yet unaware of any of its individual parts. this conversation, tho, was tragically cut short when she said she was gonna go take her synapses and watch some porn, and never came back. so i win by default.

King Nixon (2:36:46 AM): coughing is bad
happyishstarfish (2:36:49 AM): tis
King Nixon (2:37:11 AM): espeically repeatedly and violently and when-i'm-trying-to-get-to-sleep-ly

i have been coughing a lot lately. since my brush with death (aka my minor illness i was bitching about on here tuesday ngiht). i'm mostly fullly recovered, but my throat has apparently not been informed of that yet, and continues to be all evil at me. it isn't sore now, per se, but its very itchy and coughy and phlemy and just generally sucks. the coughing is just slight for most of hte day, but steadily progresses, so by night i am coughing a LOT, and not lil coughs, these like rattle my throat and friggin hurt. it sucks. and when i get into bed it goes haywire. hence me taking like 2 hrs to fall asleep the past few nights. blows! tho last night only took 1 hour+ cuz i had a cough drop. note that 1+ is not hugely different from 2. i think the main contribution of hte cough drop was that i had to concentrate to not spit it out while coughing. all hail.
update: so i venture to the kitchin to see if we have something.. anything for coughs, cuz it's getting to where i'm having coughing fits and can't breathe for a few seconds,whcih is worrisome. find some robitussin, which looks promisng. and besides, they have commercials saying theyre good, so thats good enough for me. NO! BAD! NOT FOR TAKING! that stuff smelled bad, but it was downright painful to swallow. utterly horribly disgusting and it hurt my throat! f!! i think i know how the stuff works - your throat goes into convulsiosn and tears off all the parts of its flesh that touched the goo on its way down, so any irritants in there are taken with it. but know what? i've hardly coughed since taking it, so it was worth it. but i think tomorrow night i'll try the other namebrand we had with teh 'pleasant orange flavor'.
further update: a few minutes later, i can feel the coughing coming back. fuckin a! not as bad as it was, but still.. i mean, i just took that stuff and i dont think i should really have to at all this soon after.

ok, now a week later i will finish my giant post. hooray. i'm definitley keeping on the ball with this stuff, no? awright, here we go....

so, where was i? mod h, yes. oh yeah, before that.. so tom had told me rudman had asked about me (weirdness) so i figured i'd go find her. failed at this. while i'm up there, i tried dropping in on madame miller. i look thru the lil window on her classroom's door, see no one. i figure maybe she's puttering around in there, so i open the door and walk in. hey, there's a class in there after all. i don't recognize the the teacher, so i turn around and walk out, wiht several kids watching me in confusion. heh. so i wander back downstairs to go do i don't remember what, and happen to see miller walking down the hall. timing is good sometimes. so i go say hi.. she's just off to eat lunch and brings me along. so we're in the crappy lil teacher lounge (crappy as in only 900 times better than the caf)(o yeah, whoever i was talkin to in the caf before hicks walked by was proud to point out that our corner is still entirely disgusting and the walls are stained amusing colors. good to see we've passed a legacy of filth along to the youngins)

i need to cut my nails. theyre at teh requisite length for needed nail cutting. knowing me, i'll do it wednesday afternoon.

as i was saying, so we're in the lounge and she's eating her lunch, and we talked for like a half hour about how central's goin to shit. like all the teachers are leaving or taking time off or retiring, it's insane. so that, plus all the trouble with them having 7 billion kids in a school not designed for 7 billion kids, plus clairemont stealing what little money they had, leaves central very fucked for the next few years at the least. glad i got out of there when i did. oh, so miller. we didnt just talk about central sucking, it was a good conversation. she's a really nice lady. i remember her being nice from class, but not nearly so much. yay. oh, and she asked me if i still hang out with central people and who my friends were. for some reason, she was very surprised when i mentioned dave (shurtleff. carter was in my class so she knew we were friends. tho she wasnt expecting garrish either, for some reason..). speakin of, she mentioned garrish as her example of people who do NO work in class and consequrently get a crappy grade (i think he got a D in there. something cute like htat. and that's probably just cuz she's too nice to flunk anyone). i wanted to tell him that - he'd be so proud - but i forgot.
so anyway, we finally get to mod h (where i was sposed to start, but i sidetracked). go back to patten's room for the, what, 3rd time? yeah. so theyre all crowded around him asking about their lab stuff when i get there, so i talk to kleinschmidt, who happened to be near the door, and wasn't doing any work anyway (was she always that way, or did we destroy her that much? she's such a huge slacker it's funny).. talk to patten a minute, he goes back to teaching the lab.. talk to manc, who is trying to solve some wierd brain puzzle. no one is having any luck at it. i wander around in there a bit and decide to go check out the little green office. it contains angie, cat, and 2 other girls i forget right now. angie fails miserably at buying candy and much humor is had at her expense (what hte hell is a zero bar, anyway? why woudl anyone ever buy one?).

and now i'm going to once again leave off w/o finishing. this may never get finished, at this point. its been a week+ now..
i'm having a real interesting talk with carter. we do this every so often. hardly talk for a month or so, then talk for a few hours and catch up on everything and discuss our lives. hmm. but i guess when i finish that up, i'm off to bed.

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