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SLOWEST DAY EVER. i was seriosuly going stir crazy. i kept pacing all around the store, rearranging stuff at random. just for something to do. cuz restocking the 2liter soda bottles is so fun and fulfilling, ya know. i also read newsweek, and time, and half of maxim. i don't know why today was so godawful boring. we didnt have significantly less customers than usual. time just dragged horribly

and now my back and shoulders hurt wicked bad and i don't know why. stupid defective body.

there were some nice moments though. this old guy comes in and asks me to "cough up" some various packs of cigarettes. so i get his cigarettes and put them on the counter in front of him. he looks at me and says "but you didnt cough them up!" i just stand tehre for a sec, like ummmm. then i cough and make magic conjuring motions towards the cigarettes. his face lit up, he looked ecstatic. it was so nice. he goes "he did it!" and looks around to see if anyone else noticed ( no one did). he was so pleased that i went along with his game. like a little kid. it was really sweet.

tomorrow i guess i'm training katie the new girl. okie doke. what this means is that a) i won't be doing anything all day, because i'm just supposed to stand there and watch her and makesure she knows what she's doing, and b) i can't just sit around and read or whatever, because i'm just supposed to stand there and watch her and makesure she knows what she's doing. so she'd better be lots of fun to talk to or tomorrow is going to suck balls.
then next week i'm back at the webster store. yay. 41 hours i'm scheduled for, over 6 days of working. i only have 1 day off next week! that's lame. oh, and i'm workin til 11 new years eve, and again at 11am the next day. party hearty.

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