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it is the yes

holy crap

okay so i bought a new watch today, since my old one died recently.

i opened it when i got home and a) it was set an hour ahead, b) there were no instructions on how to adjust the time. the company's site was only ads. i had to go to some weird site on geocities to find out how to set the silly thing. on the plus side, now i'm wicked stylish

so yeah. steph says thursday that i should let her know if i'm busy sunday. i say i will when i get my schedule. friday night i call and say i'm free. havent heard from her yet. so i'm going to see star trek tonite with lyzi, because we are cool people.
.....and steph just called back. dammit! yeah timing
.....and now i'm going with lyzi and allie to catch me if you can. word.

btw ashi, i have digital cable now too. because my mom wanted 2 channels. we used to have a cable box just for those 2 channels, but the company switched them to digital and we had to follow. on teh plus side, i get sundance and noggin now

yeah. nothing else will be said here. nothing worth saying.

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