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insightful this is not this is so fascinating click thru some of these pics.. weird random fun

i listened to all my mr bungle mp3s this afternoon, cuz theyre neat. they are neat. very complex music, and much fun.

King Nixon (6:39:51 PM): awright, finish listening to mr bungle (i randomly decided to listen to all their mp3s) then its dinnertime cuz i'm hungry
stgegodess (6:40:05 PM): ho
King Nixon (6:40:19 PM): even hoes gots ta eat
stgegodess (6:40:27 PM): no
King Nixon (6:40:38 PM): i dont? how will i nourish myself?
stgegodess (6:40:50 PM): eat your innards
stgegodess (6:41:03 PM): sans chewing and such
King Nixon (6:41:28 PM): they could be hard to get to sans chewing
King Nixon (6:41:32 PM): i'll have to gnaw my way in
King Nixon (6:41:40 PM): i can't just invert my face and start munching
stgegodess (6:41:52 PM): no, if you just sit there, your body will consume itself
King Nixon (6:42:22 PM): too slowly, tho
stgegodess (6:42:29 PM): fast enough
King Nixon (6:42:33 PM): nope
King Nixon (6:42:39 PM): i'm hungry now
stgegodess (6:42:41 PM): youll live
King Nixon (6:42:59 PM): possibly, but i will live hungry, whcih is no fun
stgegodess (6:43:01 PM): youre needs matter not, the importance is MY needs
King Nixon (6:43:17 PM): so i will now take my leave and go eat pizza, which si more fun than innards
stgegodess (6:43:27 PM): ho
King Nixon (6:43:43 PM): byebye

oh, i did also listen to the techno remix of "mst3k - torgo" before leaving. teehee! nuthin better than manos, hands of fate

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