Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
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oh snap

in my dream last night, i discovered that i was able to blow myself. i didnt actually do it, but i was impressed that i could. in waking life, i cannot.

in other news, i like this:
XxShaggxX (12:39:35 AM): rooooooooofle

and! i read this in the union leader tonight at work. apparently this lady was walking out of vista food or some shitty store like that, and this guy jumps out of a nearby van, yells PILLOW FIGHT, and beats her senseless with a pillow. the guy driving the van filmed it all on a cancorder. then they drove away.
that's the best thing i've ever heard. a fuckin drive-by pillow fight.

XxShaggxX (1:13:46 AM): yeah, if only all gang violence could be that way
King Nixon (1:13:50 AM): haha
XxShaggxX (1:14:13 AM): yo man, I busted that nigga upside his head with a down-filled king size...
XxShaggxX (1:14:19 AM): shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

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