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king todd

on saturday, the exies (who ive only heard one song from but it's neat. and their name is short for the existentialists, which is a pretty funny thing to name a band i think) are playing an acoustic show at newbury comics, 2-4. i'm supposed to work at 3, i left the manager a note asking if i could come in a little late. and then theyre playing a real show that night for a buck. so if theyre good the 1st time,maybe i'll see them twice.

my manager, btw, is a nepotist of the first order. he has working at teh store-- his bitchy wife, her incompetent friend*, his pal rob who never showed up last night, and his french-canadian dad who doesnt understand anything you say to him.

* she comes in today to replace me. stands around reading tabloids and loudly commenting on every story, rather than sign in and help take care of teh line of customers. when she finally gets around to coming over to the register, the first thing she says to me is "did you add up all the totals right?" (you leave the next person working teh total thats in the register so they dont have to count it up when they start). i say "i hope so" and she answers "so do i, cuz i can never add things right." wow, it's a good thing her job is to DEAL WITH MONEY AND COUNT CHANGE. CUZ YOU DON'T NEED MATH SKILLS FOR THAT.

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