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so i just found my halfwritten thanksgiving-era post. i forgot all about it. it's over here now.

what with working in a blizzard tonight, i had at least hoped for it to be a peaceful shift. not too many customers. but nope! everyone needed to come in and gas their cars and buy their hot dog buns and sticks of gum and ice cream bars. ya know, to survive the storm. i hope that microwave burrito was worth driving head-on into an oak tree on the way home, captain worthless.
i've been calling everyone captain lately. captain this, captain that, captain ihateyou. it's fun. and half the time i'm too lazy to think of a word that goes along with it, so peopel are just captain.
oh, so we've been having a lot of driveoffs at work. people pump the gas and then away they go without paying like good citizens. now, aside from when i let the 5bucks van do this one night, i disaprove of this practice. i tend to spend my working time sitting on a stool reading, when i dont have customers to deal with. if i'm sitting there not paying attention and someone drives off and gyps the company 15 bucks, i get in deep shit. anyway, so the company has this brilliant idea that any time anyone is pumping gas and they haven't either prepaid or charged it to a card, we have to go on the intercom and say something to the effect of "come inside and pay us when youre done pumping". this way, we remind them to pay in case they thought it was on sale for nothing this week, and we let them know we've got our eye on them. remember, this is management policy that you have to do this.
so, this guy comes in to pay, and informs me that he felt my saying that to him was very condescending because he knows he has to pay for his gas and blah blah. now i fully agree with him that it's condescending, but a) a lot of people like to not pay. the message is for them. b) i didn't just DECIDE to tell him personally to be an ass, i have to say it to everyone or i am fired. and furthermore, when i'm saying it 60 damn times an hour, i dont really care if one guy ive never seen before gets upset and self-righteous. but he kept insisting that, despite all that, this particular instance when I said it to HIM was WRONG and therefore i'm a dick. gah. later i mentioned this to the ponce i was workign with, who remidsn me of nastassia's friend fred in that i want to beat them both to death, and he went off on his own rant about how he woudl have responded to the first guy. and now i'm ranting to you, so we all win.

also, thanks to the snow, that exies thing at newburys was cancelled tomorrow. the actual show is still on tho, so we'll see. and i won their cd from rock101 today. i can pick it up on monday.

quentin tarantino. ninjas. a biker chick.

so ive been posting to tandp again lately because i'm a horrible person. nick just refered to the two towers as "Lord of the Rings: World Trade Center Collapses". you have no idea how loud i laughed when i read that

fun holy grail facts that i have been told: they had coconuts instead of horses in the movie because they could not afford to get horses because they spent their whole budget on explosions for the tim the enchanter scene. tim's name was supposed to be merlin, but cleese was so very drunk that he couldnt remember it, that's why he says the line so strangely "my name is.......... tim?"

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