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oh noggin. the other day i watched the adventures of pete and pete, and clarissa explains it all, IN A ROW. now that is a lineup, my friends.
pete still stands as a damn fine show. i was pleased. it was one of the post-artie episodes though.
clarissa was just surreal. it's painfully bad, but at the same time it has this weird "waiting for godot" quality of being intentionally staged in this strange fashion (that's how it feels anyway. i know they were just trying to be 80s-hip and went waaay too out there). and the kid who plays sam, or whatever her friend's name is, is the worst actor EVER. he's like i would probably be - he says all his lines as fast as he can so he can stop talking, then just stands there til he's supposed to talk again.
oh john, apparently degrassi is on sometime too. they had a commercial for it. i'll keep an eye out

crap it's 6am!

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