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i did something to the middle toe on my left foot. it feels like hte entire toe is bruised and slightly swollen and a little itchy. i dont know what happened. its weird and it sucks

yesterday was nondescript. work was steady without ever becoming busy, and there were management type people there most of the time so i coudlnt do slacker things between customers. apparently they are planning to remodel the store, just to make sure that the few loyal customers we have left after the gas pump fiasco start going elsewhere for good. oh and i had to stock the shelves in front of hte registers according to some chart and HALF THE STUFF I WAS SUPPOSED TO STOCK WASNT ON THE CHART. so i had to empty out all teh stuff taht was there and move it all around and half of it had nowhere to go and grr. some guy drove off with the gas pump still in his car, that was funny. no explosive damage tho
today i worked 5-9 with dave,which was cool. nothing interesting happened. oh wait! right when i got there he was putting some cigarettes up on the overhead rack thing and all the cigarettes poured off the rack at him and all over the place. the whole bottom shelf just emptied onto him. ive never seen them do that. so that was the most exciting thing to happen at work today.

i love my evil genius
i love my evil genius
nothing can come between us
i'im in love with a genius

you know, every time ive played my guitar over break, ive broken a string. this is getting to be an expensive hobby. i broke the A string today, and i dont have any more of those. shopping time!

SO. plans tonight to hang out in newmarket. i got out of work at 9 and told various people that i wanted to head over when i got out, and they said theyd call or leave a msg or something letting me know where everyone is. i seroulsy talked to at least 4 people about this. so guess who came through and let me know what's up? NO ONE. yeah. this marks the 4th time this month that ive had plans with people and they disapeared without a word. i hereby renounce you all.
okay i called casey and he didnt realize it was so late, and they were still trying to decide what they were doing. after deliberation, everyone going sledding with one sled was out, so i guess everyone else went home and him and jon went into wunh. and i joined them, as previously detailed. whee!

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