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i need a second dose of childhood

i had such fun today! worked 3-11. dave was scheduled 2-10 but ended up sticking around til 11. we are silly boys and yelled at each other thru the intercom (and confused the hell out of customers) and read shitty magazines and somehow managed to both lose our checks at the same time and had to go tearing thru the place to find them. i drove to the backroom to get us dinner and it was ABSURDLY crowded in the parking lot. the whole lot was full, the bank's lot next door was full, the damn street next to the lot was full. i was driving in circles for like 10 minutes. eventually i just parked in one of the handicapped spots.
there were a bunch of people illegally parked all over the place (parked across those diagonal STAY OFF yellow lines or just randomly next to the building, etc) and yet both the handicap spots were empty. that is just absurd; i think those spots should be conditional. yeah it's good to leave them for people who can't go running 3 miles from the other end of hte lot, but if there are no other spots available and no one who needs it is around, why shouldnt it be used? a bunch of people glared at me when i got out of my car, but no one said anything. i was almost expecting to come back and find my window smashed or something

ps: out of curiosity, did anyone actually bother to read my long story in the last post? it wasnt all that interesting

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