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i was at the salivation army saturday and got a seagreen shirt, some asimov books, and 2 cds. one of them was what's playing now, which i was astounded to find cuz theyre one of those bands i half suspected dint really exist. it had no price tag on it so i asked the dude how much it was. he looks at it, and says "hell, its yours". whee! all i'd heard of them before was the song BBQ, which bourque sent me long ago. sadly, it does not nearly live up to that song, but it's still fun

you know, i think the problem with my cd-r drive may be that it's overheating.

so i'm reading brave new world. one of the central ideas of the book is that emotional growth comes from the prolonging and thwarting of desire. if you instantly get everythng you want, you will be an emotional infant. a life of hardship and deprivation will make you mature and sensitive. i don't like this idea-- why should negative emotions be more maturative than positive? if he was saying you need to experience the full range, that would make more sense, but that doesn't seem to be what he's getting at. it seems to come from the same idea that says sad art is deeper than happy art.

fun fact: the latin root of sullen apparently means by oneself alone.

last night i was looking at dvd drives online. first off, it was far more trouble than i expected to find good reviews of the stupid things. it's the internet, what better do you all have to do with your time than write hardware reviews?! get to work, dammit. in the meantime, i'm looking at now, some questions arise: why is a dvd drive more expensive than a dvd/cd-rw drive? why are all the reviews not written in the same format to make my life easier? why are all the user comments clearly insane*?

*my favorite two:
1) from jumbo: "I've never used this unit but i think i would hate it" (good point. indiscriminate hate is always the right choice)
2) from Erick T. Knapp Sr.: "Price is outrazous. For a internal drive. The drive should be in the 300 dolar range at most" (this for a drive priced around 150)

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