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i had 2 dreams last night that bothered me.
the first started with me being in a haunted house but that part isn't important. later i went out to a river and was killing everything living in the river with some sort of vulcan-neck-pinch-style pressure point maneuver (i was thinking of what i was doing as abortion, but obviously it was all on stuff that had already been born). i don't remember why i was killing everything, but i had a good reason at the time. a crab attacked me and dragged me underwater and it was clawing and biting and all that. i couldnt hurt it because of its shell. finally i dragged myself out of the river with the crab having attached itself to my right arm just below the shoulder. it wasn't a normal crab, looking more like a shoe-shaped crustacien than anything else, but crab i thought it at the time. i found myself back at the haunted house and hid in a closet to avoid the ghosts. the crab was still on my arm, and it was sucking my blood vociferously. unbelievable pain, and it woudln't go away, and i couldn't get it off. it just got worse and worse. a phone rang, so i answered it (closetphone?) and it was my doctor wondering why i had not made our apointment for earlier in the day. i explained things and was told that the crab would come off easily under hot water. at this point i had lost so much blood to it that i was near passing out. i knew i would not be able to get myself to the bathroom for hot water. suddenly the crab, as if sensing that i was thinking of getting rid of it, jumped at my face. i jerked myself awake and lay there wide-eyed, checking my arm every so often to make sure nothing was attached. the muscle ached slightly.
eventually i got back to sleep, and now found myself in what i identified as jack's house despite it being a rather gothic mansion. i thought i was alone. at some point lauri appeared and we were hanging out, but she was steadily getting younger over the course of the dream. at one point, she was like 5 and playing with some toy cars or something. we were sitting on a stairwell. J came up and said everyone else was down in the basement having a party. he went back down and i was back upstairs with lauri. then she disapeared too and i couldnt figure out how to get to the basement. and that very loosely summarizes the last 6 or so years of my life, friend-wise

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