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take off your clothes and shut the door

SO yesterday was my last day everrrr at cumbys. fuckin' A right!
i was disapointed though, that i didnt get any bitchy customers. i was all set to flip out on someone, and the jerks had to go and be tolerable! if you can imagine

dave came in to pick up his check,and laura was with him. rob, the dirty old man i was working with, commented on how pretty and nice she is (which is very true), and then went on to tell me why i won't get a girlfriend because i'm not exciting and badass, like his son in prison who apparently has 'em lining up. he is blatantly jealous of his son's many gals, it's kinda funny. but anyway, despite being stupid, the conversation was kinda demoralizing for me. i'm not exciting, i'm not assertive; i doubt that will change. bah

must finally got a new song on the radio. "very wicked" yeah! bout time they got out something rockin'. none of this "rust" crap

oh man, the home stretch. so today and tomorrow i dunno what's up. i have to get over to northern tire today (assuming theyre open, which i will call to find out shortly okay i never did. whoops..) to make sure i'm not gonna crash into trees and die on the way to school, cuz apparently my tires are worn down to hell. is there a good tire place near school? other than that, and my dad's birthday dinner tomorrow, my weekend is a blank slate. monday, before heading back to campus, i was supposed to go to that star trek movie with lyzi that we never ended up seeing, but i just checked and that's only playing in nashua and portsmouth now. balls. so we'll see. then back to campus to get all my crap into my room and go visit everyone and do this :)
then tuesday is classes forever (i love how it's the 1st day of classes and tuesday is my busiest day), and heron's coming up for the day. w00t!

so i called that computer cluster dude to find out about the job i'd applied for and never heard back, and i'm leaving a message, and my mom decides that would be a good time to start hammering on my door. so i'm leaving this nice professional little message and in the middle i holler HOLD ON A MINUTE. i hope i don't get the job because of that.

my mom has two goals for my life. she wants me to give her grandchildren, and she wants me to marry a nice jewish girl (i suppose these are related goals). she has been trying to get me to join hillel for as long as ive been going to unh (hillel being the unh student jew club). today i had this conversations with her..
mom: have you been on any dates lately?
me: nope
mom: :-( not even one? why not?
me: i dunno!
mom: you mean to tell me that of everyone at unh, there isn't one there for you?
me: they all want to be just friends.
mom: why woudl they want a stupid thing like that? see, you should join hillel!
me: why would that help? are they all sluts there?
mom: YES!!!
me: *laughs*
mom: ...... so will you join now?
me: um, no.
mom: but why not?? i SAID theyre all sluts!
she's so much cooler than anyone youre related to

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