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ok, i guess my last post wasnt very clear (well duh). most everyone responded with how i'm not insane for thinking conversationally or wahtnot. which is good, but that wasn't what i was trying to say. or ask, or whateve.r i know i asked how ppl think, but that realy was just curiosity, the whole thing about how i think was just meant to be background, and i ended up going off on a tangent. like i said, i coudlnt focus and coudlnt say what i meant to. but reallly what i was trying to talk to in there (as opposed to what i'd 1st intended to say, whcih is probly lost forever) was the thing about not knowing which of my thoughts/feelings is real and which is just me responding to it cuz i automatically do that. somthing simple, like 'what do i think of me'. and i get 10 answers and have no idea how close any are to the truth. what the hell do i do with something like that?

anyway, while i'm here, here's teh past few days real quicklike:
saturday, lauri did eventually show up alive. we cruised around a bit, i bought a niftykeen ska shirt at salvation army for 3$ and it makes me happy, we watched exorcist 3 (good until the end, which totaly didnt fit. i checked online and yep, the studio made him tack that ending on to make it more like the 1st movie. ambitchious) and pi (friggin insane and friggin good and friggin confusing and friggin fascinating)
i don't remember sunday happening. if someone does remember sunday happening, please tell me what it involved, k?
monday i spent online basically
tuesday, went to see the rabbi w/ renny. twas interesting. i don't think i've mentioned this yet, so.. we're doin this once a week, me and my brother going to talk to the rabbi for an hour or so and he will explain judaism to us to our hearts' content. somehow i know rather a lot about xtianity and comparitively little about judaism. so yeah. i dont know how this originally came up, but my mom mentioned that my brother was gonna do this and it sounded cool, so now i'm goin wiht him. yay. i've decided i want to know everything about everything. that's one of my life goals, learn as much as i can about everything, be able to do everything, jack of all trades to the millionth power. like that rich crotchety writer guy in 'stranger in a strange land', he's my role model... so after that, me n renny went to livingston for awhile. then later was pizzanite which was interesting.. get there and godbout is leaving w/ emmy and anna, dave and dave are leaving when i walk in. so i had dinner w/ steph and nichole who inform me everyone else left when matt got there, and eli went to ditch him somewhere. yay. so then we went to dave prue's house and they were having their metal band practice which i already mentioned. they rucking fule (no i did not mean to type that, but it's too amusing to fix). godbout wasnt there to sing, so steph adn nichole filled in my hardcore screaming "i like trees". quite possibly teh cutest thing ever.
wednesday was supposed to be our lady peace. but tuesday i heard on the radio taht the show was postponed til july. fuckers. so i hafta wait like a month and a half to see them. but at least i heard in advance, woulda been great to drive out there and find out, as i'm sure alot of ppl did. wouldve been even worse for julie tho, as she woudla driven like 3 hrs to get there. ouch. and now i dont get to see her til late july either, thats shitty. i miss her, shes so great. blah.
today, had an interview at homevision video. the manager wasnt there when i showed up (he later informed me he'd lost his datebook at a party, but he coudlnt get it back cuz he didnt know which party. yay) but he showed up soon enough. seemed like a nice guy.. reminded me of jon lovitz minus the humor.. said he'd call tomrorw. yay. then i went and bought climbing shoes! my dad rules the world, and gave me a loan so i woudlnt hafta wait til i was gettin paid to be able to go. yay for him! i will quite possibly inaugurate them tomorrow, if not, the weekend.

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