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I hope I'm not way off base on this. If I am, please forgive me and excuse
my stupidity; I just want to help you.

I saw your journal recently, and it seems you're not feeling very good. You
know that getting drunk or high doesn't help, and therapists are mostly
useless. Unless you have an actual illness, the meds you mentioned possibly
taking are like taking Tylenol for a sprain -- reduces the pain for a while
but doesn't cure the problem, and you know what the problem is.

There are 12,000 people at UNH, half on campus, and half of them are women.
It defies logic and reality that there isn't one out of 3,000 who would be
good enough. When you're ready to get married, you want this person to be
just right for you. But in the meantime for now, she doesn't have to be
perfect, and you don't have to love each other. You just need to like each
other enough to want to help and comfort each other, and be physically
attracted enough to each other to want to go to bed. And they want to help
us and take care of us; it's part of a woman's nature. They're not as
resistant as you might think.

You have plenty of friends. Rely on them Dan, that's what friends are for.
Ask a friend who you especially trust to fix you up with somebody. I'm sure
your friends must know some girls who are lonely, and looking for somebody
who is smart and funny and good-hearted, somebody just like you.

And your mother's suggestion about Hillel may not be such a bad idea. You
may not want to sleep in a succoh*, but you might find somebody to sleep

So, that's how to get rid of your pain. That's what women are for, they
take away our pain and save our lives.

Much love,

* jewish tent thing. it has about as much religious significance as a christmas tree

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