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colleen is the only one who noticed my exciting shirt yesterday. she's better than you.

i just spotted this on my fiction syllabus-- "students who violate university rules on scholastic dishonesty are subject to disciplinary penalties. i don't think these include dismemberment or public lashings, but they will still suck."
In the book The Noonday Demon, author Andrew Solomon outlines a study that was made involving depressives, non-depressed people, and video games. It seems that when not shown their scores, but later asked to estimate them, depressed or formerly depressed people were most often right on the money. People who had never been depressed tended to overestimate their scores by as much as four times. Could it be that people who are optimistic are actually just being less realistic than the rest of us? Or that the buffer that holds happy people away from dire depression is self-delusion?
well that's comforting..

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