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and a few email exchanges later..

Re: "what people dont like is you were pretty much saying that's ALL i need
to be
happy, a nice girlfriend will solve all my problems and hooray for life.
that's shortsighted to think all my problems are external"

Yes, I agree, and that's not really the whole story. My note was just
specifically targeted on the idea that having a girlfriend will get rid of
the bad feelings that loneliness causes.

Okay, here's how it seems to me. We're these biological physical emotional
intellectual things (with the spark of divinity if you think that's true,
as I do). In order to feel right, we need to use what we have. If we
don't, we get frustrated and what we have atrophies. So we need a woman to
take care of our emotional need to love someone and to take care of our
sexual needs. We also need friends for our emotional needs. We need a job
which is satisfying, and which is not so difficult that it makes us feel
stressed, and not so easy that it bores us. The job should be the right
fit for our skills and interests, and challenge our intellect. It should
also address our emotional needs by allowing us to work with other people
if we like that, and work on our own if we like that. We also have to take
care of our body's energy needs with the right food and by exercising.

In my first note, I didn't mention anything about having friends because
you already do. I didn't mention jobs because you're in school now, and
long term job issues are not part of the present mix. I didn't mention
healthy food or exercise because I've noticed that you are not receptive to
that now. So my note focussed on the one thing that I thought would make
the most difference at this time.

That's why you and some of the commenters to your post thought the message
was single minded. The E-Mail WAS single-minded, but I'm NOT of the
opinion that a girlfriend is all you need. It's certainly one of the
things you need, and would make the biggest difference in your life now.

No, I don't mind that you posted my E-Mail. Yeah, I hadn't thought that
you would do that. But it didn't bother me. I just thought that you
wanted to know how other people feel about it. You can post this one, and
I kind of wish you would as it has a broader scope.


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