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i would give my life to get some rest

everybody's got a philosophy, so here's ours: take care of your family and friends, drink beer, smoke pot, listen to heavy metal, all right? -the dead drowning pool guy

so i got some action at the 80s party! got kissed on the lips and got my ass grabbed. sadly though, that was all done by drunken ben godbout and tom shurtleff. hardly seems fair

and here is my yesterday, and probably my today and next week as well....
King Nixon (2:50:17 PM): i didnt say i had exciting social plans. haha i'm gnna play diablo II most of the day probably.
CRiCkEtdhC (2:51:30 PM): haha, so you waste your life away in front of teh competer like so many other people i know
King Nixon (2:52:05 PM): :-[ fraid so
CRiCkEtdhC (2:52:17 PM): lol
King Nixon (2:52:23 PM): i dont useuallly play computer games, but i used to love diablo and i got II on friday
King Nixon (2:52:31 PM): so i'l probably be obsessed for a month
CRiCkEtdhC (2:53:12 PM): wow, i remember when II just came out, my friends had ordered it like 6 months before it come out
King Nixon (2:53:53 PM): haha yeah
King Nixon (2:53:55 PM): its so fun!!
King Nixon (2:54:14 PM): but i never get new games. theyre too expensive and i dont play all that often so itd be a waste
King Nixon (2:54:57 PM): haha i got this game - Alpha Team Lego Assualt, or something like that. it's actually about legos, it looks so shitty. but it was 2 bucks, i coudlnt resist
CRiCkEtdhC (2:55:18 PM): thats awsome, 2 bucks for a game
King Nixon (2:55:28 PM): and apparently for buying it i get a free membership in the lego action team, or something ridiculous like that. i'm excited
King Nixon (2:55:39 PM): i know! i found it and i was like :o
CRiCkEtdhC (2:56:09 PM): lol! im sure that being on the action team was your lifelong goal
King Nixon (2:56:36 PM): seriously. i have nothing to live for now, ive accomplished my goal
King Nixon (2:56:42 PM): it's all downhill from here

i watched requiem for a dream last night. that is the most scary astounding depressing movie i think ive ever seen. it's brilliant, an amazing movie. but i don't want to ever watch it again. it seriously upset me. i think i'm going to sell the dvd

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