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back in the day

jon did 2 amazing things today. at lunch he showed up with a package he'd ordered from someone on ebay. it was full of cds and stickers and posters, all taht good shit. the handwriting on the front looked kinda familiiar but i didnt think much of it. he mentions that it was from someone in manch, and i ask who. he laughs cuz what's the chance i know the person it's from, right? manchester is a big place. it was from freakin rachel wiegler!! and at that point i realized why the handwriting looked familiar -- dank! i was floored. i love when shit like that happens
then later after the wunh meeting thing (oh 2-6am. that's gonna be something), he was reading us some poem out of an anthology he had. the poem was all about how breasts are awesome, and it was just really absurd and funny. i asked who it was by, and it was friggin charles simic! who teaches here at unh! and he had no idea, it was just some random poem he picked out of some random anthology

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