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clarkEarky (5:37:57 PM): i have to go to rehhhhhersal
King Nixon (5:38:18 PM): ooh for what?
clarkEarky (5:38:32 PM): the secretaries by the five lesbian brothers
King Nixon (5:39:32 PM): that phrase makes no sense to me :o
clarkEarky (5:39:35 PM): check it out. it's fucked up
King Nixon (5:39:42 PM): ha cool
King Nixon (5:39:50 PM): alright, have fun secretarying lesbian brothers!
clarkEarky (5:40:02 PM): a cult of secretaries kill lumberjacks when they get their period
clarkEarky (5:40:05 PM): the storyline

i listen to queens of the stone age ALL THE TIME NOW. i'm obsessed. especially this song and "no one knows"

it seems to me that by nature, fatalists would be either ruled by impulse or apathy. so far my theory holds

sometimes i wish i was gay, if only because i see naked guys far too often

and in conclusion, "jackass the movie" is fucking funny. but why does it exist?

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