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"it sucks that you're a virgin!" -megan

look, a post i wrote yesterday and never posted! amazing...

does he cry through broken sentences, like i love you far too much?

King Nixon (4:18:14 AM): youre so lucky, future girl
ParasitePeta27 (4:18:25 AM): thank you past boy

You may find that it's generally a bad idea to take a blind date to a pellicula cinematographica obscena (porn flick). She could have you hauled off to the dementium valetudinarium (insane asylum) if she doesn't just mow you down with a polybolum (machine gun).
--cecil adams

so i'm kindof concerned with my performance in my modern world class. first off, i havent been doing stellar in the attendance/reading categories, which could adversely effect my performance on the test this thursday. for some reason i had assumed the tests would be multiple choice and the like, but no-- short answer and essay. OH GOODY. also, we got the first paper assignment in the recitation this week, and i'm pretty well fucked on that. all the questions are about art history and comparing styles and all this stuff i dont understand. that's why i'm taking this class for the art gen ed. so yeah, failing at life. or that portion of it, at least. in other news, i got my 1st 18th century lit paper back- A! not bad for a paper i wrote the night before in a drastic rush (like always). she even wrote that it was a lovely paper, with lovely underlined and everything. this class is gonna be the next milton. bombdiggity.
i did well at fencing tonight. i could go on, but i don't feel like it. i cant imagine that any of you are more interested in reading about my life fencing career than i am in writing about it.

is skipping more energy effficient than running? cuz it's sure more fun. let's all skip around the world

today had some super neat-o parts and some shitty parts. but the shitty came last so that's how i define the day, because i am not aware of anything that happened to me more than 5 minutes ago

a heart made of meat. the 1st link in the comments is kinda disturbing, but interesting discussion too. the 2nd link is pretty funny

oh and the best thing of life...
walking back from dhop, this car drives past me and a girl yells out the back window ARE YOU HAVING AN ORGASM RIGHT NOW?? so of course, i yelled back YES!! and then laughed myself silly. this is why i love college.

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