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i like how when i go to bed early to try to fix my shitty sleeping habits, i sleep 284538 hours and get up later than i would normally. wtf is that?

flowers are red, and green leaves are green. this is the dorkiest cheesiest song in the world, and i love it

so yeah, today. nothing useful happened for most of the day, i livejournaled it and sat around and ate candy. woo. went to dinner at like 5:30 and ran into dan and dara. apparently dara is in a giant feud with the british kid tim on the fencing team, i think that is hilarious. they should have an epic battle of some sort.
came back from dinner and tried to find people to go to the show. kevin joanne and llama were all maybes last i checked, so i was seeing what was up. kevin was no, llama was not existant, and joanne was still undecided. after like 10 minutes of her trying to decide and me having random people in the eaton lounge tell her to go, she decided to go. yay! we drove down, and actually made it pretty noneventfully despite having less-than-100% mapquest directions. the show was fun. everyone there was like 15 and i didnt know anyone and it was so weird! oh man. seriously, i knew the 5$ kids and joanne and a couple kids i'm mildly acquainted with. and a room full of crazy people. but yeah, i made a friend! these kids from friggin long island drove down!! that's quite a trip for a drifters show, i must say. but yeah, i was talkin to the girl, she's really cool. i forgot her name tho :/ but whatev. got the screenname! because the internet is communication. i'll get her name from dave or something. then we'll bang; oh ny girls
anyway, so 5$ played pretty well, and corey b was with them! oh man. they didnt play his song tho, which was disapointing; it really was a lackluster setlist, hopefully the next show is better. considering it's their LAST EVER. sniffle. oh and the band before them - stompin charlie - covered "sputnik" which was rad and a half. they also played the song from the end of the wedding singer. apparently dave is producing their cd. amazing

on the way back, we stop for gas. i pump and put it on my cc while joanne runs inside for a snack. i finish pumping, the sale seems to go thru fine, it asks if i want a receipt and i decline; i go inside. she's buying some chex mix and i'm standing there talkin to her. the guy asks you getting anything? nope. get gas? yeah but i charged it, taken care of. no, you didn't pay, you owe me 16 bucks. no i already paid, on my credit card, the sale went through. it's right here, you still owe me 16. he kept trying to tilt the comp screen so i could see the charge there, like i'd see it and go hey whatta ya know! no assfuck, i work at a gas station, i know how they work. the computers suck, the pumps suck, everything breaks, i don't care if it says on your screen i owe you my kidneys, i paid for the gas already dammit. so at this point, i'm like wtf?, but i didnt feel like fighting. i figured i'd just look at my statement and go SEE, YOU FUCKERS CHARGED ME TWICE!, and problem solved. so he charges me again. meanwhile i'm talking to joanne and say something about the pump being a piece of crap. he gets allllll offended on behalf of the pumps, and says "those are $40k machines out there, my pumps never break, blah blah i'm a big sketchy fucker and i'm upset because you insulted my precious gas pumps!" he totally said all that.
so anyway, we go outside, and see the sale on the pump is for fuckin 14.32, not 16.05 like he said. so now i'm ripshit, go back inside, tell him he charged me for a damn driveoff and i paid my gas already and the sale is right there on the pump he can go look blah blah you suck at life die die give me money. and so forth. oh i forgot to say, when i come back in, the guy is nowhere to be seen. i say HELLO? and he walks out from the back of the store, tucking his shirt in. says "sorry, i was tucking in my shirt". WHAT THE CREEPYASS HELL IS THAT?? WAS HE JERKING OFF BACK THERE? WHY IS HE GOING IN THE DAMN STORAGE ROOM TO TUCK IN HIS SHIRT WHEN THE STORE IS CLOSING IN 5 FUCKING MINUTES? AHHHH so yeah. i tell him he fucked up and charged me for the wrong gas, and as soon as he realizes he did something really stupid and got busted on it, he instantly changes his mood and becomes very consiliatory. he doens't know what to do tho, he doesn't know how to issue a refund. at this point we find out he actually isnt the manager or owner or anything like his strident defense of the gas pumps may have implied; he is a peon. and apparently not even a good peon; he doesn't know how to work the register. so whatever, we exchange info, he leaves his manager a note (and rather than write what happened on it, he writes "big problem" and signs his name. if i was the manager, i would fire him at least 10 times). he seems to think i am going to drive all the fucking way back there on monday, when the manager is in, so they can slide my card and give me the refund. i say i'm at unh, and he's like, it's 16 bucks so i assume you'll want to come back. i point out that this is ridiculous, and he's like, well i'll get your # and the manager can take care of it. during this whole section of the event, though, he is doing this big speech about how sorry he isand how he's going to make damn sure i get my money back, even if it comes out of his check, and he's having such a terrible day and he's so sorry and on and on. every time he mentioned his terrible day, another few things would get added to the list, one more horrid than the other. he dropped 2 wine bottles, he's an hour behind and the alarm is going to turn on at midnight and make him leave, the boss will be mad he didnt take the trash out, etc. then he says that his friend's 7 yr old daughter got molested and tried to kill herself. WHAT???? even if that's fucking true, i dont want to hear it, adn if youre so upset, dont go to work. for god's sake. anyway, so if my card doesnt have a nice 16.05 refund on it come monday, i am going to call them and very loudly threaten death and hellfire.
and then we got lost and ended up at exit 3 intead of exit 4. thanks mapquest!
it was such a fun night tho. i love doing stuff with joanne; she's awesome and the most bizarre things always happen to us. last time we went to a show, we ended up lost in keene or something, at 4am after my glasses had been smashed.

so anyway, we get back, i drop her off and drive to dhop cuz i'm hungry. i go in and smitty biggie audrey and bourque are there. bourque is stoned out of his mind, and biggie has 7 staples in his head apparently from a driving mishap that i wasnt able to get many details of. good grief. but yeah, that was fun, and carter and godbout showed up. craziness. so we all leave, they head home, i walk back to my car and get there to find a cop putting a ticket on the car parked directly behind me. apparently we werent in legal spots, despite there being no signs anywhere. so yeah, i missed a ticket by maybe 20 seconds. like, i saw him putting the ticket on the other car's windshield as i was pulling out and laughing. i waved to him on the way out

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