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it's all a joke, if you will...

yeah, so the homevision manager guy is EFFING DUMBBBB. he never called friday. or saturday. or sunday. so today i called him to see what was going on, at about 1:45. the conversation went a lil something like this:

me: hi, this is dan widrew, i had an interview thursday and haven't heard back yet, i was wondering what was up..
eric (manager): oh yeah! i'm sorry, i've been swamped.. let me see here..... can you come in wednesday at 11?
me (thinking 'hey, i got hte job! sweet!'): sure, yeah
eric: all right, good. so wednesday at 11, you can have an interview, and we'll...
me: ummm i already had an interview. last week.
eric: oh. hmm. what was your name again?
me: widrew. dan widrew.
eric: do i have your application here?
me: yeah...
eric: ok, hold on a minute, let me find it.. oh ok, here we go. so we already had an interview?
me: yes, we did.
eric: well.. oh, i see, i haven't graded your PCI test [1] yet. sorry, i've been real busy lately..
me: okay...
eric: so i'll get that done and call you in an hour, ok?
me: i won't be home in an hour
eric: do you have a machine? i can leave a message
me: alrighty

[1] the PCI was this stupidass multiple choice test which seemed to be designed to test if i was a moral person or not. so it had questions asking me to rate how honest i am, stuff like that. now, if i were a dishonest person, would i be marking that on hte test? no, i think i'd be inclined to dishonestly mark that i was honest, to get the job. writing you are dishonest on a job test is a pretty damn honest thing to do, if you get my drift. this test does not strike me as an effective tool. oh, and it had a buncha questions asking stuff like the monetary value of everything i've stolen in my life. standardized tests are getting waaay out of hand.

so... i get home later... around 3:30. no message, he never called. hmm. around 4:30 i call again, and he says he has some people left to interview and he'll know for sure by friday morning. so i'll probably hear from him in about 3 weeks...

in other news. manchester now has a bigass barnes and noble, instead of a crapulux tiny one. joy. saturday i saw fuel, at hampton. it frigging ruled. i got there early, so wandered around the beach and the lame-o carnivalish place under the main room. there's this one place there that makes awesome lemonade, they cut open the lemons right hwen you order and squeeze out the juice. yummm. especially when you're thirsty, is so good. this group of people were wandering the beach doing a photo scavenger hunt, i took a picture of them making a human piramid. the girl who asked me to take hte picture was wicked hot, and wearing a shexy dress. i ran into them like 20 minutes later in the carnivaly place, and she asked if i'd take another pic. i said sure, as soon as i was done eating (i had a chili cheese dog. mmm artery clogging goodness), but then they decided the picture they wanted woudln't fulfill whatever it was they needed so they wandered off. i dunno if i was expected to go with them or what, but i stayed and ate. then the show.. the 1st band was called luxx, they weren't bad. the music wasn't too impressive, but hte singer was really cool. she sounded kinda like courtney love. the 2nd band was crappy, like bad disturbed. and the singer's voice FREAKED ME OUT. he sounded like the evil crazy dude from roger rabbit, all squeaky and mental. GAH! but on the plus side, they did a cover of 'my green tambourine', that was fun. fuel rocked the casbah, as per usual. this is the 2nd time i've seen them, they friggin rule. i think their best songs this time were "jesus or a gun" and "bittersweet". after that, went to pfaff's bonfire.. got there bout 12:30 (i found her house! success!), stayed 2 hours or so til everyone was leaving. apparently there was a crazy metal party down the street adn cops got called, they were parked in front of pfaffs when i got there, i was a lil concerned..

hmm my imago. i dunno how much of this i agree with, but interesting..

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