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harder faster stronger deeper

"singing is about sexual confidence" --hawksley workman

i think my dad was more right than maybe i gave him credit for. i have been feeling more confident and assured lately. not drastically so, i dont think anyone else would even notice the difference, but i feel stronger somehow. it's rather nice

also, lately ive been running into manch people around campus or whatever, and we're talking, and theyll ask what ive been doing and where ive been cuz they havent seen me lately. now while i dont think ive been less accessable than usual, this is strange for me. ive felt for a long time that that whole group, while they were always happy to see me, didnt really notice much when i wasnt there. i wasnt sought out, and i felt alienated. but now theyre asking me why i'm not around and i rather like that. i supose i should start seeing more of them

btw, i have been making more friends-only posts lately than usual. so those of you who read my journal but don't have one yourself, youre missing out. ner.

beggars in vietnam

i just made my 1st ebay bid ever, today. this spells TROUBLE

2 kates i know at school. both i'm good friends with. both i havent seen nearly enough of lately. i shall attend to this

i was thinking today, there are SO many songs that musically sound pleasant, but the lyrics are really sad. are there any songs the other way around? any nu-metal songs about butterflies and rainbows? nine inch nails written any tender love songs? i cant think of anything offhand that fits. also- what is the effect of songs like that? listening to a happy fun poppy tune and then you realize it's about being depressed and alone. it's jarring.

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